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The Smartest Artist’s Kit
WARNING: No matter what your genre or area of focus, know this. No kit, no career. Period. It is a must for ALL artists. If you don’t have your basic marketing materials ready, I’m sorry but you’re not even up for consideration. It’s what the artists who are excelling in their respective fields all already know. Fortunately, now, you too are aware of this and you are ready to take charge.

This is the first in what promises to be a great series of online professional development workshops. In this inaugural course titled The Smartest Artist’s Kit, you will learn how to create your resume, your bio, and your statement.

Your collection and maintenance of these materials is the key to – literally – everything else that becomes possible in your career. You will be asked to furnish these items every time that you are given the opportunity to be presented, produced, marketed, considered for awards, grants or residencies, and perhaps even, to be given a job.

Take advantage of this 100% guaranteed high-quality, speedy and sensible online class.

* This course has been designed for all emerging artists to take advantage of: Visual artists, theatre artists, performing artists, literary artists, and everybody in between. Don’t be left behind.
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Lightning Fast
Set your own pace. Given the efficiency of this program, you may finish your Artist’s Kit as quickly as an hour. Still, you are given the advantage of a full month of access to the class. Alternatively, you may take your time to move through the content or revisit the material as often as you would like in order to fine-tune your understanding.
Guaranteed Completion
This course has incredibly lucid instructions and includes many designated lookout points where you will pause to reflect and take action to complete your kit. When you follow the streamlined directions, you are promised to finish this course with a feeling of accomplishment and the realization of all the documents of your Artist’s Kit. Beginners are especially welcome. Get great tips on what to write, even when you have little or no experience.
Superior Value
The Smartest Artist’s Kit is highly economical. On top of the countless hours of training you’re investing into your craft to become an artist, add the practical content from this course to your education to help you become a professional artist. Move swiftly through learning modules and over fifty pages of rich information to more fully own your creative journey. No doubt, the building of your artist’s kit will have an impact over the entire span of your career.
A Teacher You Can Trust
All advice found here is culled from the trenches of artist survival, not from the comfort of a lectern or the shield of a salaried position. Art of Hustle reaches and uplifts thousands every month through its workshops and website. Its founder is himself a multidisciplinary artist and careered nonprofit professional (Visit this link to see his bio). As a coach and consultant, Anthem Salgado takes pride in earning every penny he makes. This means Art of Hustle could only grow if the people that engage it also grow, making this one of the most honest business models in existence.
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Reflections From An Online Student
Melissa, Non-profit Arts Administrator and Theatre Production Team Member

At first, I was a little intimidated at the idea of putting together an artist’s kit. But the workshop was very user-friendly, providing step-by-step instructions and examples. In less than an hour, I created a master resume, wrote a bio, and even came up with a personal statement. Things that always seemed so daunting.

The way the workshop guides you through the process, these tasks become so much easier and really not-so-scary. When I was done, I had no doubt that it was 100% worth the time and money. I have already referenced my master resume, bio, and personal statement multiple times since I completed the workshop. Having them ready and on-hand has saved me time and spared me numerous headaches!

If you’re thinking about taking the workshop and have some of the same questions or concerns that I had, here’s a little piece of advice I’ve picked up from Art of Hustle – stop worrying and just do it! You’ll be so happy you did.

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$34.99 Class
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