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Most companies welcome expansion. After all, new staff, programs, products, and services are usually signs of business boom, increased revenue, and company maturation.

However, very much as a cruise liner differs from a kayak, “larger” also means lessened agility, decreased benefits of on-the-fly actions, and mounting risks of too many patchwork fixes spread out across a team.


Why Change?

The spontaneous pivoting that previously generated clever reactions and much needed solutions may now result in critical breakage given the greater scale and faster moving parts. It is physics, really. Big machinery simply cannot afford to twist and bend wildly. Competing perspectives and agendas often lead to patron and staff miscommunication and burnout. However, it is possible to avert these disasters. As the wise adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”



The Answer

Art of Hustle® is a business coaching program that provides both one-to-one training and group workshops. Individuals and organizations seek out its services when they want to sharpen their skills and systems, particularly in the areas of:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Effective project- and time-management
  • Team cohesion and relationship-building

Boosting know-how in these fields means:

  • More staff solidarity and increased fluidity in workflow
  • More effective use of available resources (time, finances, people, and opportunities)
  • A fresh infusion of new ideas and outside perspective



How We’ll Get There

Trainings are specially customized to meet your needs and that of your team. Art of Hustle® workshops don’t include boring lectures nor outdated “team-building” exercises. This is a no-babysitting zone. These seminars are designed for leaders and staff committed to pursuing their very best. Full participation is required. Answers aren’t dictated; they are unearthed. This is professional development that is rich in content, interactive, and dialogue-driven. The language and framework are at once simple, actionable, and powerful. While an array of best practices may be introduced, it is Anthem Salgado’s knack for and core belief in powerful individual and organizational narrative that makes this learning experience unique. All activities, regardless of particular skill-building, go towards serving a more robust and unified story, both internally and publicly.


What Clients Love

arthurWithin 60 days, Anthem helped bring order where previously there had been none. In addition to this strong work, Anthem was an excellent colleague and a communicative manager. He was collegial, hard-working, respectful, an excellent listener, and under an affable exterior, extremely hard-driving. . . I can recommend Anthem Salgado without hesitation for a management position in marketing and communications.”
~Arthur C., Organizational Capacity & Leadership Development Consultant


“I needed to improve my storytelling. Anthem provided me with the tools I needed to be able to construct that compelling story on the fly. . . Anthem put together an approach that was tailored to my needs and maximized my time and budget. He hit me with a nice mix of canned techniques and custom-fit exercises designed to get me to a very clearly defined goal.”
~Selino V. UI Developer


mikeArt of Hustle® has been instrumental in helping me position my ad/consulting business for growth. Through regular strategic planning sessions and reviews, we were able to clearly establish and track where I was, relative to my marketing and operational priorities. . . It was critical to have a strategic, experienced sounding board helping me evaluate new areas of opportunity and risks to the business.”
~Michael T., Software Developer



“Anthem has been consulting with our organization . . . and we’ve been increasingly noticing an uplift in our client numbers. Not only is he the marketing expert, he’s also very fun and engaging to work with.”
~Petra O., Program Coordinator


“Anthem is a sophisticated, strategic business coach. He brings to the table proven strategies and systems that fuel your revenue and profit goals. If you are looking for tangible results, then look no further.”
~Crystal S., ActionCOACH


basic training


Anthem Salgado gives training and strategy to creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He focuses on marketing and storytelling, helping maximize on audience development, referral building, and income generation opportunities. His experience spans more than 15 years across industries that include small business, marketing, arts, education, nightlife, cultural and community work, and more. Art of Hustle® provides a suite of training tools and services: online publication, podcast show, seminar series, and coaching. It aims expressly to end the cycle of burnout and redundancy so common in individuals and organizations, and to create a new culture of success. Like its namesake, its most qualified clients are those that possess: a strong willingness to begin, the steely belief that a better and stronger version of you and your company exists, and a deep respect for taking action and no-excuses living.

Salgado has given talks and workshops at:

  • TCG’s Audience (R)evolution Convening in Philadelphia
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Homestreet Bank
  • Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
  • Foundation Center
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Los Angeles

Anthem Salgado has received the following awards:

  • Leader in Arts and Culture by Rockwood Leadership Institute
  • Philippines Fulbright-Hays scholarship via Sonoma State University’s North Bay International Studies Program
  • Fellowship to Behance’s 99% Conference
  • Young Leader of Color by Theater Communications Group


your next step

Contact Anthem

When companies grow, cultural norms, processes, and team members themselves should also be more intentionally developed. Top performers hire Anthem Salgado’s Art of Hustle® services when:

  • They strive to attain more staff solidarity and more fluid workflow
  • Resources (time, finances, people, and opportunities) are not currently but could be utilized to more maximum effect
  • Leadership seeks an infusion of fresh ideas and outside perspective

All workshops and trainings are:

  • Customized exactly to address your needs
  • Intellectually engaging yet practical and actionable
  • Morale-boosting and crystallizing


Follow this link to email Anthem Salgado today
and discuss how to move forward.


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