Will you help me with my business idea?

We serve individuals who’ve already opened their doors and are making sales. Those who’ve yet to make the leap may be better assisted by a life coach (who can help you overcome your fear of taking that plunge) or an entry-level business incubator program in which you may safely test your idea.

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What types of businesses do you work with?

Art of Hustle® coaching is perfectly matched to support business owners who get paid to provide services and expertise to their clients. This may include but is not limited to: coaches and consultants of almost any kind, writers, planners, advisers, health and wellness providers, creative entrepreneurs, and more!


What types of businesses do you not work with?

We may not be the best fit for retailers and restaurateurs. (Although if you think so, we’ll consider the possibility.) And we do not work with MLM businesses of any sort.


Who typically engages Art of Hustle® services?

* Those in Need of Marketing and Communications: “I know I’m good at what I do! I’m passionate and qualified. I just can’t seem to bridge the gap — to have people understand what I do and how I bring value to the table.”

Professionals who want to carve out a niche and make some noise in a crowded marketplace will want to refine their ability to convey their values, vision, and skill set in order to help them secure new clients, earn more money, shape company culture, and develop a proper audience and customer base.


* Those in Need of Organization and Goal-Setting: “I’m overwhelmed. I have so much on my plate, I need to hire staff to distribute the load! I don’t know where to begin to organize my projects in a sensible way that doesn’t burn me out.”

The bad news: We don’t provide such administrative support. The good news: You may not even need it — yet. Art of Hustle® will help you clear an illuminated pathway to be able to make significant forward motion that is economical, both mentally and fiscally. Figure out true priorities beyond the “busy work” and “shiny object syndrome,” and make moves accordingly.


* Male/Female Ratio Fun Fact: Many Art of Hustle® supporters are women who have already adapted Art of Hustle® principles into their lives and professions. More than 75% of workshop participants, facebook fans, and clients are comprised of women.


Can you “do” my social media, website, copy writing, etc.?

As in sports, it is the coach’s job to get athletes in shape and to recommend plays. In our realm, that equates to providing valuable outside perspective, training, guidance, strategy, and feedback. That may include advising on subjects like the ones mentioned above: social media, websites, copy writing, and more.

However, it is still the client’s responsibility to lead and execute the plays, which would mean personal implementation, and/or properly delegating to a specialist or team member as needed.

As the saying goes, you can’t hire anyone to do your push-ups for you.


Why should I choose Art of Hustle® over other training programs?

One word: RESULTS. You will learn how to make things happen: give a presentation, get buyers, raise your rates, boost your confidence, lead a team, and own your journey. If you haven’t read them yet, check out the stellar reviews over at Yelp.

In the age of smarmy online marketing, Art of Hustle® has kept its programs real and approachable. It’s not run by some self-aborbed materialist. Its founder is actually a regular human, just like you, that has proudly survived a recession, learned how to turn resources into revenue, and has a proven track record of sharing knowledge in such a way that creates positive transformation for his clients and their practices.

The programs have the capability to offer everyone personalized attention and make everybody feel welcome. We are family owned and community supported, so we care deeply about the success of our clients. Additionally, all Art of Hustle® partners are themselves notable cultural workers and reputable small business owners.


Sounds good so far! What do I need to join?

Our coaching programs are not something to do “on the side.” This is professional development that stands to have significant, life-changing impact on your career and business. You have to be ready to create and integrate new daily habits into your routine. Participants should expect the investment in time and money to be much like seeking to complete an intensive certification program. You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Art of Hustle® is #1 in its domain. You should be #1 in yours.

Positive attitude and a strong sense of self-discipline are non-negotiable requirements. You must possess: an eagerness to learn and be challenged; the steely belief that a better and stronger version of you and your company exists; and a deep respect for taking action and no-excuses living. Please be honest and decide now whether this describes you.

(Slackers, quick-fix seekers, complainers, and blamers will not be welcome.)

Everything else, however, is provided! Art of Hustle® will give you the mentorship, the partnership, the soundboard, the exact plan, the community, and the support. We will help you reach your goals, whatever they are. We are here to get you ready, teach you great skills, and push you to reach your aims.

We offer services for individuals as well as organizations. We will seek to match you with a training environment that best fits your needs, your budget, and your overall readiness.


To start, get in touch for a complimentary Marketing Audit as described in the coaching page to learn how we might work together.


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