Spotlight on the Arts: Meet Chloe

High school intern Chloe went from “How do I do that?” to drafting the blueprint to her goals in a span of three hours. In this video, she reminds us that bringing great ideas to life is all about getting started now.

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Know How to Live The Time Given to You

Guest blogger, Rachel Parker, is back, giving top tips for time management, particularly things to prioritize in order to maintain your creative life alongside your “regular gig”. As always, her writing reflects her breadth of experience as well as her ever-present sense of humor.

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Health Care Through Self Care

In this post, Paloma Belara gives us good reason to practice preventative care. It’s good for your body – and your budget! Particularly, if you’re an indie hustler working without the benefit of health insurance.

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5 Ways to Self-Care Your Way to Success

In this world of go, go, go, few people recognize their physical and psychological health as major contributors to their success. Discipline isn’t only about meeting project deadlines, it’s also about honoring one’s personal time.

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