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The Work
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How can Art of Hustle® contribute to your success?

Let’s get you unstuck. Creative and entrepreneurial minds drag needlessly through ineffectiveness and disorder, often focusing on craft or product development but less so in professional coordination. Rather, Art of Hustle® emphasizes 360 degree sustainability.

Here, you will get support for:

  • marketing systems
  • project management
  • time management
  • goal setting
  • work-life balance
  • income strategies
  • workshop facilitation
  • staff training

How does Art of Hustle® stand with you?

“I believe in the value of mastering narrative, creatively and moreover professionally, to better serve the goals of any individual and company.

“My trainings, web posts, findings and philosophy don’t originate from behind the comfort of a lectern.  They are collected directly from the trenches. From the ground level.  From the rigors of daily application.

“I cannot imagine letting my fellow idea-makers buy into the old myths, empty teachings, low standards, and the hacks and institutions that promote them.  My aim is to rightfully serve the everyday dreamer and doer.  I vow to make every key that I have available to anybody.

“I’m not just another speaker.  I am a practitioner, equally sharing triumphs and tough moments.  When I talk about marketing or making money, what I reveal are straightforward tactics that I have seen succeed first-hand.  Measures that can triple audience turnout, secure media attention, and get people hired.”

~Anthem Salgado

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