The Purpose
The Work
The Founder

What is Art of Hustle®?

Art of Hustle® is a suite of training tools and services:  online publication, podcast show, seminar series, and consulting services.  It was founded expressly to end the cycle of burnout and redundancy so common in individuals and organizations, and to create a culture of success through training of business acumen and effective audience development.

Art of Hustle® was officially launched in 2010 and in the years since its inception, it has served countless independent artists, creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations through its workshops and website.

What does hustle mean?

Hustle is a worldview and way of life.  Moreover, it is a set of qualities, especially: Invention, determination, enthusiasm, and never-ending curiosity.

The everyday hustler possesses a mix of skills.  It is not enough to earn a degree.  A true hustler needs to be ready for anything that the world will throw their way and remains an avid learner for life.  The hustler is a student of multiple disciplines:  marketing, management, and business, among several others.

Ultimately, hustle is creative problem-solving in the field.  And a hustler is an individual who favors taking action over the safety of doing nothing.

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