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The friendly face you see here is that of Grace, social worker and budding entrepreneur! Ten years in a field that requires so much of its professionals led Grace toward a path of discovery and self-care, which ultimately also made possible the founding of “Balms by Grace“! In this video, Grace shares her mission and why this new business is so meaningful to her.

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“I’ve always thought about having my own business, but I wanted to do something that I was passionate about.”


My name is Grace and I own Balms By Grace. We make all natural skin care products. We just launched actually and we have our website, Balms By Grace dot com.

What makes my line unique is that I use ten ingredients or less, and they’re based in plant-based oils, butters, waxes. Plant-based means that the ingredients are sustainable, so they are earth-friendly and also, they have a lot of nutrients and vitamins, and other benefits for the skin and hair. I did it that way with ten ingredients or less to minimize allergic reactions, and other adverse reactions that a lot of people have when they are using skin care.

My products can be used for moisturizing and hydrating the skin, conditioning the hair, overall maintaining the health of the skin and hair. I got in to this to begin with, when my dad brought me some coconut oil from the Philippines. I started using it, and I did research and I learned about all the other different plant-based oils.


“Everyone has to take care of themselves to be able to take care of each other.”


My dream to be an entrepreneur. I’ve always thought about having my own business, but I wanted to do something that I was passionate about. I graduated about ten years ago with my masters in social work. I have been a social worker for about ten years now. Being a social worker taught me, the main things that it taught me was that everyone has to take care of themselves to be able to take care of each other. I really learned about self care in social work. I learned about yoga, massage, and so many alternative ways to care for yourself. It was super critical for my job.


“Instead of going back to get a masters in business, I thought it would be better to hire a coach.”


I realized that my well being included not only health and fitness, what I ate, but also what I was putting on my skin and hair, the products. I learned about the benefits of all natural and organic products as opposed to the products that have a lot of preservatives and fillers that may potentially by harmful to your skin.

A year ago I had just come back from Barcelona, Spain, from living there about two years. That inspired me to live a different life. It really inspired me to be creative and that I could actually try to live my dreams. I decided that one of my dreams is to have my own business. I did some research and I realized that I wanted some guidance. Instead of going back to get a masters in business, I thought it would be better to hire a coach. That’s how I found Anthem.


“There’s more to this than just having an idea. . . It’s all about pushing yourself.”


The first meeting that I had with Anthem, he broke it down for me. He broke down exactly what I needed to do. That made me realize that there’s more to this than just having an idea and then being excited about it. It’s all about pushing yourself, you just have to do it. What Anthem taught me, you have to jump off the cliff and make a plane as you fall down the cliff. It’s just a constant pushing. Constantly motivating myself.

I would say get Anthem as a coach, for sure, from the beginning because I believe in team work and working with other people. We have our knowledge. But when we work with another person, it just amplifies. Especially someone who has experience like Anthem. It’s just amazing. You have this idea. Then when I would bring it to Anthem, he would enhance it and help me to make it concrete and make it happen.


Inspiring, yes? So many great gems in this tiny interview: taking care of yourself, following your dreams, and putting in work. Thank you, Grace, for your heart and generosity!

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