Win $500 in the Art of Hustle referral contest!


How would you spend a fresh $500.00?

* Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation?
* Get immersed in a Michelin-star culinary experience?
* Buy the kids tickets to a concert?

Whatever it is that you give to yourself or share with a friend, $500.00 can go quite a distance. Go ahead and dream up something fun!



What do you have to do to win this grand prize?

It’s remarkably easy. We all know someone who is struggling through their business and/or practice. Friends or colleagues of yours who say things like:

“There’s got to be a better way to do this… I need to make more money, get more clients… I wish I had more time… If only someone could point me in the right direction… I’ve got to learn more about Marketing…”


These are all of my people. These are the exact folks I that help! Never mind the old win-win scenario. Let’s instead make this a win-win-win! All you have to do is introduce the Art of Hustle® coaching program to those who would most benefit from it.

Simply tell them:

“I know someone that can help. A Business Coach with nearly 40 five-star reviews and, according to Yelp, the BEST MARKETING guy in all of San Francisco.”


envelope-icon THEN EMAIL THEM THIS LINK and invite your friend/colleague to apply for a no-risk introductory consultation so we can determine if the program is a good fit:


So simple. That’s it!



Plus, your referrals win too!

Every new coaching client that opts into the coaching program from now through the end of the promotional period, regardless of the referral contest grand prize winner, will receive a $50.00 Apple gift certificate that they may use toward adding important new titles to their audio book or e-book library, buying new programs or apps, or adding much needed hardware to their office. Not to mention, top-rate instruction and guidance to boost their efforts on their journey toward business success.

Nobody loses. Everybody wins!



Official rules:

  • Contest timeline: September 1 through November 30, 2015.
  • There will only be one winner of the $500.00 grand prize, to be announced in early December (Yay, holiday money).
  • Grand prize winner is defined as the individual who generates the highest number of new coaching clients to start an Art of Hustle® coaching subscription. All new coaching applicants are asked, “Who can we thank for this introduction?” This is how you receive credit for your referral.
  • In the event of a tie, the number of total leads (anyone who participated in the intro consult, irrespective of whether they joined the coaching program or not) will be used to determine the winner. If there remains a dead heat, the victor will be chosen by way of a best-out-of-three rock-paper-scissors duel between the two contestants. Say, that’ll be fun!



Remaining time:

-785Days -15Hours -46Minutes -58Seconds


So… what are you waiting for?

*** Let’s get started! Let’s help the people in your community and network succeed in their businesses! Tell them all about Art of Hustle® coaching and kindly send them this link:



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