Why ‘Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel’ Is the Worst Advice

It demonstrates only a profound misunderstanding about what ‘worrying’ actually means

This is a great article from Time.com. It pairs really neatly with the Art of Hustle® original, A Must Read For Every Artist. Does the advice not to worry about money make an individual enlightened? Or, in the words of the Time writer, just an ***hole? Give a read and see what you think.

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Source: Why ‘Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel’ Is the Worst Advice of All Time | TIME

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed this “Don’t worry about money” advice in other arenas? Say, ahem, for instance, when taking out massive loans to go to a private fine art school? (Massive loans to attend a private fine art school! Am I the only one that sees anything wrong with that?) Or when being encouraged to “treat” yourself to some other debt item — I mean, luxury item? You get what I mean.

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