Podcast Episode 014: Life Coach Julie Lamonica


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Yes, you’ve heard plenty of it, even here at Art of Hustle®. Go-gettin’, moving and shaking, working hard. We’re all about it. Grit, will, discipline, self-determination. A dream without ACTION is just drunken conversation at a cocktail party, we know this.

Still… (no pun intended) we can’t be all Go, no Pause. Especially those of us blessed and cursed with extreme passion for our work, for delivering outcomes, for contributing to a meaningful cause or to a great change. This, of course, is the basis of nearly every form of the all-too-common burnout. Both physical and psychological.


“Oscar Wilde said, ‘You destroy the thing that you love.’ It’s the other way around. What you love, destroys you.”
― George Plimpton


Burnout kills, sometimes literally, our most valuable people, our staff, our leaders, our advocates, our teachers, our parents, you name it. Frankly, this is ridiculous. Enter new podcast episode and special guest, Julie Lamonica. She has a story and philosophy worth listening to. Learn about her background in education and how she’s evolved the expression of her mission into her current role of Life Coach. Get a sense for this new kind of inner strength that she is helping professionals and young people realize.

Yes, this is going to be another good one! Please download to your podcast playlist and enjoy!

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Audio Preview:


Art of Hustle 014: Life Coach Julie Lamonica Click here to READ


Hopefully, this message of centeredness resonates with you. Thank you for listening, for always aiming to bring your best to your clients and community, for prioritizing both self-determination and self-care. Have you enjoyed this dialogue?

Please pass this along to ANYONE who would benefit from this episode, who could use the permission to slow down, who would love to still be doing powerful work (even more powerful work) from working from the inside-out. You may use any of the Share buttons below. And also, of course, your comments are always welcome!



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