Podcast Episode 013: Poet Barbara Jane Reyes


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Yes! What better way to mark a length of distance than to revisit an early chapter. More specifically, a guest from an early chapter. In this episode we hear once again from award-winning poet, Barbara Jane Reyes! And guess what? A lot has changed since she first appeared on the program. In both of our professional lives and also in the landscape of artist-hustlers.

In our talk, we cover a wide array of topics:

  • Some of the changes Barbara has witnessed in the movers and shakers of today
  • Being open and honest in managing failures and rejection
  • Locating and following a blueprint for success
  • When it comes to output, mass vs masterpiece
  • Focused multitasking vs haywire multitasking
  • Evoking a Buddhist experience
  • Ignoring the haters

Yes, this is going to be a good one! Please enjoy!

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Audio Preview:


Art of Hustle 013: Poet Barbara Jane Reyes Click here to READ


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