Podcast Episode 010: Art Is My Occupation (Stanford University talk reprise)


If you recall the announcement I made on my email list (you are on my email list, aren’t you?), I was invited to appear at Stanford University to speak about, well, my favorite topic, artist survival…

  • What should new graduates expect as they enter the field?
  • What can a person do to be better prepared?
  • How will you get booked?
  • And how are the pros doing it?

These are the questions that framed what I talked about. This recording is a reprise of that presentation. I hope you early career artists enjoy it and learn a few valuable tips from this audio. And for you veterans and rock stars, please pass this on to your mentees! Thank you Ellen Oh and Jeff Chang for the invite and warm welcome.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Audio Preview:


Art Of Hustle 010: Art is My Occupation Click here to READ



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