Podcast Episode 008: Tips from Social Media Arts Professionals

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Everybody wants in. But not everyone knows what to do when they finally get there. That is, except for these bright individuals. This new podcast episode features a candid talk about social media with arts professionals whose job it is represent some very reputable institutions through these platforms. They work at: The Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Walt Disney Family Museum, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. And I was fortunate enough to be invited to moderate a discussion with these generous folks for world famous Social Media Week. Listen to what they have to say below!

We cover some pretty worthwhile topics such as:

  • The norms of social media
  • Why are we on it at all?
  • Retaining artist rights online
  • Strategies
  • Finding balance in content
  • Marketing tips for individual artists
  • And finally, the important stuff, getting to the truth behind that legend: Is Walt Disney really frozen somewhere?!

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Art Of Hustle 008: A panel of social media arts professionals Click here to READ


Social media can be pretty confusing to people who are new to it. And even so for those spend maybe too much time on it. What are we all doing here really? I hope this podcast episode helps clear up some of the mystery! Please feel welcome to leave a comment below. If you have colleagues who’d love to listen to this talk, go ahead and use the convenient share buttons below to pass this along!


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