Podcast Episode 006: Producing Director, Joan Osato

This is an episode I’ve so been looking forward to! We speak to one of the most effective grants hustlers I’ve ever met in the performing arts arena, Joan Osato. She has produced shows that have traveled all over the nation, most notably working with performer Marc Bamuthi Joseph whose titles include “The Break/s” and “Word Becomes Flesh”. Joan blesses us here with some fantastic tips on getting your own art up and out there.  We talk about:

  • Managing your career
  • Securing funding
  • Getting into festivals
  • Touring your work!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Websites where you can find Joan’s work!

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Art Of Hustle 006: Producing Director, Joan Osato Click here to READ

As always, THANK YOU. Gaining traction in the theater field can be one of the most mystifying (sometimes frustrating) challenges. I hope this podcast episode has helped you get a clearer picture of some of the mechanics of this world and your career in it. I’d love to hear your reaction. Please feel welcome to leave a comment below. If you have colleagues who’d love to listen to this talk, go ahead and use the convenient share buttons below to pass this along!
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2 responses to “Podcast Episode 006: Producing Director, Joan Osato”

  1. This interview is great! It demistifies a lot of that grant language and gives a priceless look into how some events that ive gone to have been produced! Amazing, keep em coming yall!!

    • Thank you Robert! Super appreciate you checking this out. I saw you witnessed Tree City Legends! A great way to bring this podcast full circle. Joan worked on the visual design for that show.

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