Podcast Episode 004: Actor, Kathleen Antonia

I’m about to introduce you to someone special: a real working actor – who isn’t famous and who doesn’t live in Los Angeles. Yes, you can make a living this way. Kathleen Antonia offers lots of hilarious stories about the business as well as key tips for artists in the entertainment field including:

  • Not going to an audition with feces on your shoe
  • Knowing your Dave Chappelle back-to-Africa moment
  • Recognizing your life’s work beyond any job title

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3 responses to “Podcast Episode 004: Actor, Kathleen Antonia”

  1. Dave Charest says:

    Great conversation guys. Loved the liquid floor and the reminder that you always have to hustle.

  2. […] In my podcast interview with actor Kathleen Antonia, we talked a bit about income and particularly passive income. I really hope that section piqued your interest! Your participation in passive earnings can, on a small scale, save you in a fix (as it did for me) and, on a big scale, make you rich. […]

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