Arts and The Avatar Principle

In this gutsy and funny (because it’s true) talk, performance artist Philip Huang invites you to “thrill yourself” and makes a case for artists and organizations to practice The Avatar Principle. Otherwise, don’t expect any bail outs, or to survive these tough economic times for that matter. Ouch! Still, he’s got a point.

Philip Huang at the San Francisco Dynamic Adaptability Conference, 2010

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5 responses to “Arts and The Avatar Principle”

  1. Dave Charest says:


  2. Ted Kusio says:

    Wow, this is indeed brilliant, scary, and I agree.

    I just hope that audiences and creators don’t sacrifice complex, deeper, challenging art for superficial “Gee whiz!” junk food (in 3D), like Avatar.

    The solution, however, is NOT to throw more money at the former. Wow, that’s difficult.

    (Kind of ironic that the arts in the US are living the ideals of capitalism more than banks, eh?)

  3. Thank you guys for chiming in! Ted, yes, you have a valid point. It is difficult. I think the recurring thoughts I’m hearing from arts gatherings and conferences these days is that we live in a more democratic era in that audiences have more options for entertainment. And that maybe more arts makers should be engaging them, rather than creating work in traditional isolation from the public. In any case, these are interesting times! And it’s fascinating to see how companies are navigating this new terrain.

  4. Joe Smith says:

    I love this i want more on this subject
    any references?

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