Art Of Hustle podcast debuts on iTunes!

Yes, the very first episode is up! And you can take it anywhere with you, on your smart phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop.

It’s just one as of now. But SO MUCH has gone into making this premier possible:

The purchase of audio equipment. The attendance of podcast workshops and independent research for recording. The good fortune to receive a one-to-one tutorial for getting published on iTunes (This required semi-advanced code knowledge). The production and gift of original music by composer, Kenturion. And lastly, finding an economical transcription service (which I did via Twitter of all places!).

It wasn’t easy.  But now that we are here, it will certainly be easier for future installments.  This first episode represents the beginning of what will be a series of super informative talks with leaders from our art and business communities.  In it, we answer all your burning questions about Art Of Hustle:

  • What is Art Of Hustle?
  • How did Art Of Hustle begin?
  • What does “hustle” mean?
  • Who is Art Of Hustle for?
  • Do you have to be born with “hustle” or can it be learned?
  • What does art have to do with entrepreneurship?

Thank you for sharing in this fun.  You may preview the audio content below. Or even better… Please download this episode from iTunes, rate it and leave comments! I’d really, really appreciate it.

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9 responses to “Art Of Hustle podcast debuts on iTunes!”

  1. Dave Charest says:

    Congrats on the podcast!

  2. satsumabug says:

    Congratulations! How exciting. 🙂

  3. Ann Borja says:

    Congratulations, Anthem! I am SO proud of you. Keep at it!

  4. Ann Borja says:

    P.S. Kelly Kalaygayan, fellow creative dweller and photographer gave AOH love on his site!

  5. Marc Fajardo says:

    I am SAVED! thanks Anthem. your words and insights are very helpful. i will pass this along to my actor/artists friends.

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