Let’s have ourselves an arts / education giveaway, shall we?

Hello everyone!  Readers, artists, arts enthusiasts, administrators, aspiring business persons,  dreamers, and intellectuals.

If you’ve ever taken a workshop with me, you know I love doing giveaways.  It just kind of makes things fun!  So, in the spirit of keeping it interesting and interactive, I’d like to enlist your help in conjuring a new giveaway.

My immediate thought is to give something away from the Resources section of this blog.  But certainly there are resources that I haven’t listed yet and/or don’t know about yet.  So, I’m open!  What would you like — tool-wise — that can help you move your game forward!  A book, some device, a class, some service, anything.

Let me know.  And we’ll get a fun and free contest underway.  I would love to hear your suggestions!  Please visit the Resources page, and then come back here to chime in!



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2 responses to “Let’s have ourselves an arts / education giveaway, shall we?”

  1. satsumabug says:

    Ooh, what an intriguing question. I’d love any of the books on your Resources page. And though I don’t need this personally, I bet lots of people would love some pre-paid web hosting to get them over that initial hurdle of finding and paying for a web host.

    I think the ideal giveaway prize for me would be something I could never have thought of on my own, something that’s a little bit of a risk with a potentially huge payoff. Like a museum ticket for a museum I wouldn’t go to on my own, or a coffee-table book about a subject I know nothing about. Inspiration, I guess I’m saying. 🙂

    • THANKS for your suggestions! Yes, I was thinking about the web hosting giveaway too. But I also like the idea of offering museum access. I could use more visual art in my day-to-day myself.

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