Let’s Talk About Debt, Babyyyy

Allow me to give you some background on how I zeroed my credit card debt and how you may too!

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Why Patrons Tune You Out & What To Do About It

These mistakes occur across businesses, across mediums, across campaign types. This is the tech and automation age, but who says we can’t still put our best foot forward?

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I Didn’t Care About Legal Protection Either… Until This.

Learn more about the branding mix-up that I got into and get tips on how you may avoid a similar conflict.

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Cultivating Determination For Achievement

How do we cultivate the determination necessary for achievement?

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Podcast Episode 014: Life Coach Julie Lamonica

Burnout kills, sometimes literally, our most valuable people. Enter special guest, Julie Lamonica. Get a sense for this new kind of inner strength that she is helping professionals and young people realize.

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Words of Wisdom

“Victory is reserved for those willing to pay the price.”

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